Encouragement from Our Pastors

The best places to find encouragement from the pastors is in their devotionals on YouTube

When time is short, check out the quick pastoral encouragement in your daily walk using Scriptures and meditations that take less than a minute on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Encouraging Words from Our People

Some encouraging words heard and seen around our congregation lately:

  • From one who wanted to share the gift, “Thank you so much for coming up with the Nightmare Before Christmas idea. That will make it so easy for me to invite. Can I have the list of them all?”
  • From one who has seen what it takes to open and close the building, “Thank you for all you are doing for getting us together and keeping us safe. I appreciate all you and others are doing to keep that happening.”
  • From one who was sent Scriptures that fit their personal week: “Thank you, I love those Scriptures.”
  • From one who heard from the pastors, “You don’t know how much I needed to hear from you today. Thank you.”
  • From one who appreciates the intercessors, “Thank you to all our prayer warriors. You are appreciated and loved.”
  • From one who who received a prayer card from one of our Circuit Riders, “The card is so special and has really touched me. Please relay how much the card means to me.”
  • From one who has been working and missing Bible Study, “I miss you and your wisdom…and your family!!”
  • From one who attends a small group, “I appreciate everything you do. My life has changed so much. Thank you guys for helping me grow.”
  • From one who attends Journey 1, “If you want to take the next step in your discipleship, take Journey 1.”
  • From one who shares with her friends, “A neighbor child that we have been praying for came over to my house to show me she had been watching First Kids and wanted me to see it!” [Nice job sharing faith with a child!]
  • From one who tested God (in a way the Bible says is okay) about tithing, “I was $400 short at the beginning of the month and decided to tithe anyway. By the end of the month, I was $250 to the good. God is faithful.”
  • From a newer couple in the church, “Thank you for your leading and the resources you provide for us week after week. Me and my wife always make time to watch the worship livestream every Sunday.”
  • From someone who wishes to be more engaged, “Your sermon hit me at the right time, I need to re-up my commitment.”
  • Heard from one of our members, “Especially good sermon. [The] sermons are always good.”
  • Heard after service, “A good reality check.”
  • From another we served, “Than you so much for all your help. You make this time a lot easier.”
  • From someone watching our service, “Really enjoyed your message.”
  • From someone admiring the Pastor’s ability to juggle life’s unexpected moments, “You handle the sudden stuff well.”
  • From one at Wednesday Coffee and Fellowship time, “I showed a friend how to get onto our First Kids YouTube channel and she loves it.”
  • From one of our online worshipers, “I think [the guy the church hired to help in a move] was the nicest man I think I’ve ever spoke[n] with…thank you so much for referring me to him. God bless you.”
  • From one of our leaders, “That last Proverb (27:19) really drove home to me.”
  • From one who is always growing in her spiritual life, “Great sermon . Life learning lessons . ✝️”
  • From one who has lived what it takes, “Thank you for all your hard work for our congregation and for God. I do appreciate all the time you put in for us!…I learn so much from being in your class!”
  • From one who has started attending online and found God’s people to be a blessing, “Thank you Pastor. I love being there.”
  • From one who tries to do all of the Bible Study Challenges, “Challenge accepted on the start of my new work week. That is something my person and I have been working on as we ride our bikes together.” [Nice job doing a challenge AND working with your person!]

I am sure you have heard and seen other encouraging things. Perhaps you have even been caught sharing some contagious enthusiasm with others? If you have a quote you think would help us live out Hebrews 3:13, just email it to Pastor Lois at pastorlois@fumcyubacity.com. Encourage on!

 Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” 

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