Encouragement from Our Pastors

The best places to find encouragement from the pastors is in their devotionals on YouTube

When time is short, check out the quick pastoral encouragement in your daily walk using Scriptures and meditations that take less than a minute on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Encouraging Words from Our People

God is Virtually Everywhere!

Some encouraging words heard and seen around our congregation lately:

  • From one of the family, “You have done so much for me. 18 years ago I walked in the door and found a home. I have more friends from church than anywhere else.”
  • From one of our newer members, “Since I have been coming to services, I have grown so much closer to Jesus by listening to our pastors. In the 60s we would have called you Jesus Freaks. Now I get it. There are mysteries of God. We can be born again. So much!”
  • From one needing encouragement, “Just got off the phone with a pastor and feel so uplifted. The love and encouragement from both of you means more than I can express. I truly found the right church family and feel blessed beyond words!!”
  • From one who appreciates the teaching, preaching and ministry of our church, “Thank you for all you do.”
  • From one who puts their trust in God, “No matter what, God will make a way.”
  • Words of wisdom; “We do not have to understand to have faith nor do we need answers to be obedient.”
  • From one who felt the message, “I was meant to hear this today.”
  • From one who appreciates traditional worship, “I am in need of some hymn singing!”
  • From one who enjoys worship with their church family, “So glad to be with you all this morning. Worshiping with you sets my week off to a great start!”
  • From one trying to care for a loved one, “Thank you very much for the email, but especially for your caring, and loving way… That’s two blessings I received today already. First you, and then the nurse, our God is good!”
  • From one of our senior saints that felt they would never be able to “get” technology, “I just want to tell you all, how much I value this time. It is here we build much deeper relationships that mean the world to me. Before covid, there was nowhere at the church we had a space for the depth of relationship building we get here. I was slow to get on the Zoom “train,” but I am so glad I am here now.”
  • From one who appreciates God’s grace, “Thankful that God has enough grace for all of us.”
  • Words of wisdom: “When we say yes to the world, we are saying no to Jesus.”
  • From one who enjoyed the worship, “Thank you for a wonderful service.”
  • From one who enjoyed worshiping with our Punjabi congregation, “It’s fun to hear the message in two languages.”
  • From one who felt loved, “Pastor Lois, appreciate the creative way you are bringing us the sermon this morning. Thank you for modeling a caring way of working through Covid contact. Covid has given us so many ways to show love and set self aside.”
  • From one who sees behind the scenes, “Volunteers, respect and love for all you do. Thanks for serving Jesus in ways that help us serve others.”
  • From a lover of traditional worship, “Alice Epler does a wonderful job choosing hymns! What a gift and great ministry!”
  • From one who enjoys worshiping with their family in Christ, “It’s good to be together in worship this morning!”
  • A simple truth: “The day is different, but God is the same”
  • From one who spreads love, “New Year blessings to you all.”
  • From one who appreciates our worship leaders, “I love listening to Florence whether she is singing or talking.”
  • From one who loves praising God, “I really enjoyed singing along with the songs this morning.”
  • From one who wishes well for their church family, “Wishing God’s richest blessings to YCFUMC family for 2022.”
  • From one who appreciates the children’s ministry, “First kids light show series is awesome!”
  • From one who wants to do more through God, “This year I am calling it the “More Year”. Instead of trying new things in my spiritual life, I want to do MORE with my spiritual life.”
  • From one who enjoys attending worship services, “Wouldn’t miss it. I love the music.”
  • From one who loves the music, “I consider us blessed to hear Carolyn play each week.”
  • From one who appreciates the church, “Great job church!”
  • From one who enjoys traditional worship “gorgeous gorgeous hymn”
  • From one who enjoys church, “Very nice service. Ready for the week!”
  • From one who knows the truth, “We can’t quarantine God.”
  • From one who enjoys being with their brothers and sisters in worship, “Blessings to you all. It is so good to be in worship with you.”
  • Words of great insight: “When we accept God into our lives he gives us the key, we just need to let Him lead us to the right door.”
  • From one who has faith, “Hoping for less hatred in the world and more empathy.”
  • From someone with a great New Year’s resolution, “Sad when we put God away, let’s plan on keeping Him out of storage all this coming year!”
  • From one who loves attending services, “What a great Church!”
  • From one who appreciated a little pastor TLC, “So glad I met with you on Mon and have a battle plan. The heaviness is gone and I feel like can share my faith again!”

I am sure you have heard and seen other encouraging things. Perhaps you have even been caught sharing some contagious enthusiasm with others? If you have a quote you think would help us live out Hebrews 3:13, just email it to Pastor Lois at pastorlois@fumcyubacity.com. Encourage on!

 Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”