Encouragement from Our Pastors

The best places to find encouragement from the pastors is in their devotionals on YouTube

When time is short, check out the quick pastoral encouragement in your daily walk using Scriptures and meditations that take less than a minute on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Encouraging Words from Our People

Some encouraging words heard and seen around our congregation lately:

  • From one we’ve kept in our prayers, “Thanks so much Pastor Lois for keeping our family in your prayers. Also thanks everyone.✝️”
  • Heard during service, “…. how great is our God….” ❤️❤️
  • From one moved by the sermon, “We truly have a Great and Awesome God.✝️✝️✝️”
  • From one who heard the Youth message during service, “Thank you Youth!! Great job!! May we be that excited when God gives us a test.”
  • From one enjoying the service, “Love seeing how our youth see the sermon topics”
  • From one who was touched, “As I’m listening to Pastor Lois, I’m reminded of the lyrics of our WT song ‘It Starts with Us'”.
  • Heard during worship, “….being in awe of the building but not The Builder…. help me Lord!!”
  • From one who is grateful, “Good morning! The sun is shining and the birds are singing – thank you, God, for the day You’ve made!”
  • From one who felt the message, “raising my hands in praise”.
  • From one who attended Bible Study on Sunday morning, “The reason she came was embedded in what God told her from her prayer letter with the ideas of how to grow. She has been meaning to attend for several weeks and finally made it.”
  • From one who will be out of town for a couple weeks and was reminded about online worship – it could be watched anywhere – she said that brought her joy.
  • From one who heard the special music this week, “Another favorite, beautiful Florence” ❤️
  • From one who had received a recommendation from the new library on the church’s website, “Thank you so much. [I was confused and looking to do the right thing.] All I can do is [keep] praying for [me] to do the right thing. I will definitely look into the library. Your church is so amazing in providing resources. Thank you!”
  • From one who received a Lenten package “[I’m] very appreciative of the Lenten bag, thank you.”
  • From the parent of a child who is excited about Family Night in March, “She wanted to make a ‘green game’ suggestion for family night. She REALLY enjoyed the scavenger hunt (last month)…She has created all the items for the hunt-all things green.” [Nice job!!]
  • Heard during worship, “I love this song! We all need someone to walk with.”
  • From one who attended online, “Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ”
  • From one who enjoyed the service, “Thank you Pastor Lois what a joy! Beautiful worship”
  • From one who attended, “I need to get off my butt and work for God.”
  • From one who attends regularly, “Thank you. We look forward to service every week.”
  • Heard after the service, “[Everyone] have a blessed evening and week.”
  • From one who attended, “…It is time to do more for the Kingdom of God…. the enemy can’t have more time in my head…”
  • From one who was touched during service, “….God weeps for our unprotected heart…”
  • From one who attended, “You can’t make your faith stronger if you don’t work in it…Love it, Pastor Julie!”
  • From one who heard the Special Music this week, “So prayerfully presented by Florence…once again such a blessing.”
  • From one who attended, “Oh Jesus we turn our eyes to you…in love and utter adoration…”
  • From one who attends regularly, “Florence really shows God’s gifting when she leads in worship!”

I am sure you have heard and seen other encouraging things. Perhaps you have even been caught sharing some contagious enthusiasm with others? If you have a quote you think would help us live out Hebrews 3:13, just email it to Pastor Lois at pastorlois@fumcyubacity.com. Encourage on!

 Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”