Encouragement from Our Pastors

The best places to find encouragement from the pastors is in their devotionals on YouTube

When time is short, check out the quick pastoral encouragement in your daily walk using Scriptures and meditations that take less than a minute on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Encouraging Words from Our People

Some encouraging words heard and seen around our congregation lately:

  • From one who noticed, “Congratulations to our newest Top Fan on Facebook!”
  • From one thinking of others while grieving 3 lost to COVID19, “I pray a lot that the vaccine works and people finally realize what is truly important and move forward to a better Christian life.”
  • From one the church blessed this Christmas, “Thank you so much for my Christmas gift cards. They came at a perfect time. My daughter is in the hospital in Sacramento and I bought Christmas dinner for my sister and I. I am blessed and hope to repay the church back. Thank you again” [We are so glad we could be a part of blessing you. Thank you, church, for your generosity to the PDF fund!]
  • From one in ministry, “Thank you for your support and love. It means a lot this season, especially now.”
  • From one we prayed with during a difficult time, “Thank you so much. I have wonderful pastors.”
  • From one we serve, “I am so grateful to have you in my life.”
  • News of our Christmas card reaching further than we imagined, “I shared our wonderful Christmas card with our niece in Tennessee, and she thought that was fantastic, she said she watched it 3 times already, and is going to share it with family, and friends. I also shared it with our son, and daughter in-law, they said what a wonderful idea to share across the country in these trying times. Many blessings to you all!”
  • Christmas greetings from one who enjoyed the service, “Merry Christmas! Hope to celebrate at church soon!! Thank you for the lovely singing!!!”
  • From one who can’t wait to be back in person, “Gonna have to come sing with you sometime!”
  • Wise words from one inspired by the sermon, “Frankincense comes from a gnarled and knotty tree. God takes the unsightly, frail, and broken and creates something beautiful. New life!”
  • Kind words from one who gained insight, “[Pastor], I so appreciate all of your insights that make the sermon and God’s word more “real” to and for us.”
  • Appreciation for all who make worshiping and ‘gathering together’ possible during these trying times, “Thank you to our Pastors, worship team, technical team, office team and everyone else who works hard to keep us connected!!”
  • Compliments for our tech experts, “Can’t do it without the tech team – SPECIAL thanks there. You offer your gift continuously. Merry Christmas. Be safe; be well.”
  • Heard during our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, “Nice to be joining together to celebrate on the Eve of the Lord’s birth!”
  • From one who has been missing out, “First time I get to do candlelight service in 11 years!
  • From one excited to join us in worship, “I LOVE the candlelight service. One of my favorites!”
  • Appreciation for our Children’s part in the Christmas Eve service, “I love how well our teachers lead our amazing children to be a part of our service tonight. What a blessing!!!”
  • A warm greeting from one worshiping online with us, “Christmas Blessings to my family!”
  • Appreciation for our musical picks, “What a beautiful song, one of my favorites at this time of year.”
  • From one worshiping with family at home, “[Our grandson] is waving to the Pastors when he sees them on the screen!” 
  • Appreciation for all who made our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service possible, “This was a great service. Thanks to all of you who helped with it! Merry Christmas!”
  • Compliments heard during service, “He does a great job as Ebenezer.” 
  • From one who shared their gratitude, “Thank you for tonight!” 
  • Kind words from one of our members, “Great sermon and service this morning.” 

I am sure you have heard and seen other encouraging things. Perhaps you have even been caught sharing some contagious enthusiasm with others? If you have a quote you think would help us live out Hebrews 3:13, just email it to Pastor Lois at pastorlois@fumcyubacity.com. Encourage on!

 Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.”