June 20th

Wise Actions

If there was a test, like an IQ or EQ test for your spiritual wisdom – maybe an SWQ test – what would your score be?  Would you even want to know or would it need to be some deep secret like they used to hide you IQ in your “permanent file?” 

Spoiler alert!  Jesus already knows your SWQ score and wants to help you improve it!

Come grow in wisdom with us this week.

For background read:
Matthew 11:16-19
Matthew 7:24-29

June 27th

Your Invitation

The amazing thing about Scripture is that it can feel like God is talking straight to us. In fact, He is. Scripture was meant for all of us who know God, want a closer relationship with Him and want to be filled with His love for us.

Join us to talk about food that fills the soul, listen to an important message from God and touch on the call God has for all of us.

For background read:
Isaiah 55:1-5

July 4th

The Scarlet Thread in Our Lives

This Fourth of July, as we celebrate entering the land of promise, we do so with a reminder of how God helps us probe for Him, protects us and provides for us. But how do you stay in that promise?

This week learn how to make decisions when you don’t “feel” God, can’t believe in God’s goodness or don’t trust God when you can’t “see” Him. Come experience how Jesus has always been there… for YOU!

For background read:
Joshua 2:1-21