The Wallet is a Great
Window to the Soul, Part Two

It was at the beginning of this month that I preached the same story but from Matthew. Have you ever read the same Scripture and got two different things out of it? That’s what I’m hoping will happen today.

Both conversations are critical to how we approach our spiritual lives and both are about stewardship. When it comes to what we have been blessed with and what we put first in our lives, sometimes we need to hear it twice.

For background read:
Luke 18:21-30

Laity Sunday

Each year we set aside a Sunday and celebrate the ministry and witness of laypersons everywhere through a special service. Do we do this because we think you are special? YEAH WE DO!!!!

Join Pastors Lois and Julie as we recognize God’s word is spread by YOU! YOU are the laity and YOU are God’s people working together to share the Hope of the world.

For background read:
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

A Friend of Souls

We all know life is uncertain and our days are numbered. God is in control, we are not.

God can call any of us home to be with Him at any given moment. If God calls you home, are you ready? Is your soul ready? Are the souls of your loved ones ready? Your friends? Have you done everything you can to assist in the preparation, not only for you but for those you know?

Join us on Sunday, when we talk about the urgency, God knocking at the door and assisting others in finding the door.

For background read:
Jeremiah 31:31-34

God Blesses Us for Good Works

It is part of the human condition to want to feel secure, have purpose and know we are loved by God. When we feel we have purpose, we have joy. Joy doesn’t come when we are doing less for God, but when we are doing more; it is then we find our God-given significance.

For background read:
2 Corinthians 9:6-8