Pastor David will be delivering God’s Word in a series under the theme “Now is the Time” for the next eleven weeks. This theme, “Now is the Time”, is essentially a condensed version of “Now is the Time When We Call Upon the Name of the Lord.” Why should we seek, implore, and call upon the name of the Lord? When do we call upon the name of the Lord? Are we fervently calling upon His name? With these questions in mind, we will examine our present faith and journey in the light of God’s Word. Whether individually or as a church community, we must realize that our Lord seeks us first, calls us by our names, and we also need to seek and call upon His name right now. Let’s go to Him.


Life’s challenges can be like fierce storms, leaving us in doubt and fear. But as believers, we find strength in unwavering faith. Discover how to stand boldly in the face of life’s storms with a faith that moves mountains! Join us for a transformative sermon based on Matthew 14:22-33.


Are you seeking a deeper connection with God, one that goes beyond displays of power? Join us for an inspiring sermon based on 1 Kings 18:16-24, 36-40. Explore the importance of faithfulness over mere miracles and discover the living God who transforms lives.


Discover the power of faith and healing in our new series, “Now is the Time.” Dive into the timeless story of the ten lepers from Luke 17:11-19. Learn how calling upon Jesus, recognizing His absoluteness, and returning to Him can transform your life.