Welcome to our church family!  We believe you are not here by chance, but that God has brought you here to receive a special gift from the Holy Spirit.  We are honored to be a part of that gift as we surround you with love.  As you worship and gather with us, we will also be sharing in the gift God has given us in you.  Enjoy the community and be sure to stop by after the service and introduce yourself.  We have ways to do that in-person and online. Let us know you were here. We look forward to getting to know you better.

– Pastor Lois & Pastor Julie

Back to School!

It’s that time of year again! The kids and teachers are headed Back to School!! This is a great opportunity to participate in ministry! We are looking for donations of school supplies! Look for the table in the sanctuary – it has everything you need to just grab and bag and fill it with any/all items on the list! Can’t join us in person? No problem! Click on the link below to donate to this ministry! Join us, and be a blessing to our community!

New First Kids Series!! Don’t Miss It!! August 7th – August 28th!

Who do you think of when you hear “Epic Love Story”? Maybe Beauty and the Beast? Anna and Kristoff? How about Tarzan and Jane? Do you know the what the MOST Epic Love Story of all time is?? God and his love for us!! Yes – you and me! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? We define love as: showing others how much they matter to you. God does this again and again all throughout the Bible! Love starts and ends with God. Join us in August as we discover all of the ways God shows His love for us!

Why is Eeyore on the Altar?