Welcome to our church family!  We believe you are not here by chance but that God has brought you here to receive a special gift from the Holy Spirit.  We are honored to be a part of that gift as we surround you with love.  As you worship and gather with us, we will also be sharing in the gift God has given us in you.  Enjoy the community and be sure to stop by after the service and introduce yourself.  We have ways to do that in-person and online. Let us know you were here. We look forward to getting to know you better.

– Pastor Lois & Pastor Julie

July 11th at 10am

Walking/rocking with water for 2 kilometers while learning about how Lifewater creates sustainable access to clean water for a village.

Kingdom Seekers VBS

Join us as we go on a wild journey filled with mysteries and riddles. We will explore the truths and wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible. We’ll be discussing the values of God’s Kingdom, The Messiah, God’s Justice, and how all humans are made in the Image of God. Along our journey, we will be learning about the amazing ways the books in the Bible come together to tell one united story that leads to Jesus.

Worship in the Sanctuary

Join us in person or online for the Contemporary Service online at 11 am. Our Punjabi Service will be in person at 2 pm except for the 1st Sunday of the month. The Traditional Service will still meet online only at 6 pm. For more information, see our FAQ’s.

Devotionals from Our Pastors

The pastors regularly add some thoughts to help us apply what we learn in God’s Word to our everyday lives. Look through some of them to find one that speaks to you at this moment in your life.

Words of Encouragement from Our People

We all need encouragement. God put us together, as a family of believers, to lift each other up. As you read the words of encouragement heard around the church, don’t keep them to yourself. Who do you know that needs encouragement this week? If it is you, check these recent reminders of the many ways God is at work among us.

Why is Eeyore on the Altar

Want to take us out for a spin?

Take a short break to see just a little bit of what you could be a part of as we take you on a quick tour of life with our church family.

The background is our Worship Team singing our theme song. We don’t want you to see us, we want you to see Jesus through us.