Welcome to our church family!  We believe you are not here by chance, but that God has brought you here to receive a special gift from the Holy Spirit.  We are honored to be a part of that gift as we surround you with love.  As you worship and gather with us, we will also be sharing in the gift God has given us in you.  Enjoy the community and be sure to stop by after the service and introduce yourself.  We have ways to do that in-person and online. Let us know you were here. We look forward to getting to know you better.

– Pastor Lois & Pastor Julie

New First Kids Series!! Don’t Miss It!! December 4th through December 25th!

Who is ready for Christmas? Isn’t it an exciting time of year? We not only receive presents -but we get to give them as well! In the midst of all the shopping, wrapping, holiday lights and parties – we need to remember who gave us the first Christmas gift! And what a gift it was!! Join us this month as we talk about The Big Give!

Why is Eeyore on the Altar?