Welcome to our church family!  We believe you are not here by chance, but that God has brought you here to receive a special gift from the Holy Spirit.  We are honored to be a part of that gift as we surround you with love.  As you worship and gather with us, we will also be sharing in the gift God has given us in you.  Enjoy the community and be sure to stop by after the service and introduce yourself.  We have ways to do that in-person and online. Let us know you were here. We look forward to getting to know you better.

– Pastor Lois & Pastor Julie


As we look at the possibilities of fresh water in countries that are “water poor”, Scripture reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. With faith in God, with following God one faithful moment at a time, God gives us the best possible life and the ability to help others have their best lives. What are the faith filled possibilities when we work together to provide clean water for those that need it? For over 40 years Life Water has been bringing clean water and God’s Living Water to countries and people that need both. We can make a difference for physical and spiritual health.

How many answers can you get right after watching the videos? Let Pastor Julie know for your chance to win prizes!! Click here to submit your answers to PJ!

Would you like to be a part of this amazing ministry? To help provide fresh water for those in desperate need, click here. Thank you for your prayers and donations!

While Human Trafficking has been in existence for a long time, there is a new way those who traffic men, women, and children is occurring for those escaping Ukraine due to the war. In labor and sex trafficking situations across the country, traffickers target and build trust with youth and adults in positions of vulnerability, then create dependence by promising to meet their needs. Traffickers can then subtly promote the idea that selling sexual services or working for little to no hourly wage is normal, acceptable, necessary, and even freely chosen, even for children. For those leaving their homes in Ukraine, they have nothing and predators are eagerly waiting for them. Our church is partnering with International Rescue Committee (IRC) and their anti trafficking program Human-trafficking Outreach, Prevention and Education (HOPE) by sending $25 Visa gift cards to IRC for immediate delivery to refugees in need. 100% of your donation goes to refugees so they can purchase items needed personally and for their families. You can make a difference by:

1. Making a gift through our online giving or sending a check in (make sure you tell us it is for the outreach)

2. Send in visa gift cards in $25 denominations

3. Purchase visa gift cards through the church scrip program and give them to the church for this outreach

We can make a difference. Thank you for your donations and prayers for all refugees.


First United Methodist Church Foundation Memorial Scholarships are granted each year to qualifying candidates to help with educational expenses. Candidates must have completed high school and plan to continue their education at a vocational school, junior college, four-year college/university, or in a graduate program.

The completed application must be submitted 7/31/2022, with priority given to applications submitted by 7/15/2022.

Applications may be submitted on-line, by US Mail, or dropped off at the church office.

Checks for the awarded scholarships will be presented upon proof of registration at the Educational Institution the candidate will attend.

Click the link below to download and fill out the application!


First Kids Summer Series Continues! Don’t Miss It!! July 3rd through July 31st!

Do you love going to the beach? Just sitting on the sand, watching ocean…or maybe running from the waves before they get you all wet!! The ocean is always moving – it never is still. It’s always producing waves….one after the other. Did you know this is a model for what God calls us to do? Followers of Jesus can change the world by making waves!! Join us this summer as we talk about how Jesus does this through us. We are learning about the Fruit of the Spirit! These are the tools God gives us to help make waves – and change the world! Trust me – you don’t want to miss this!!

Why is Eeyore on the Altar?