Frequently Asked Questions


I've never been to church. What do I wear?

We are a "come as you are" church. If you like getting dressed up, great. If you are a jeans and a t-shirt person, that is fine too. Even our staff is known to dress comfortably so you won't be out of place if you prefer to remain casual.

Where should I go?

Our church is bigger than it looks! Park in the main parking lot and walk down the long sidewalk. When you enter the glass double doors, walk straight ahead to find guest services waiting for you. Our guest service representatives will happily assist you in finding the destination you are seeking.  To get started there are signs on the walls and here is a list of what we call the various areas of our facility.
Sanctuary - Worship Services are held here
Narthex - Guest Services, Child Check-in, and Coffee Connection can be found here
ED Wing - Children's Sunday School is held here
Fellowship Hall: Adult Sunday School at 10 am & First Kids worship at 11 am
Look for signs in the Narthex as you enter for each area 

Who will I meet?

 At FUMC Yuba City, you will meet some of the most kind-hearted, understanding, and real people you have ever met. We are a family; one who sticks together in good times and in bad. We rely on each other, pick each other up, and cheer each other on. Most of all, we understand that we are not perfect by any stretch,  just forgiven by a God who is.   Prior to worship services you will be able to meet these kind folks especially in the parking lot, hallways, guest services, and at our Coffee Connection 

Coffee Connection

From 9:30 to 11am our Coffee Connection is available to EVERYBODY 

and can be found in our Narthex.  It's a great way to get to know us with a little something to eat and drink.

What is the best way to get involved?

When you visit us, you will get a yellow Gift Certificate to fill out. Not only do you get a visitor's gift for filling out the card, you also will get a personal phone call or visit from one of our pastoral staff. They will absolutely find the best fit for you to get further involved.

Can I get baptized or have my child dedicated?

Um, YES PLEASE! Contact April Buck at for more information. We can't wait to cheer you on!

I love your church. Can I do a special event here?

We would be absolutely honored if you did. Weddings, funerals, birthday parties, girl scouts, and more have used our facility. Please contact April Buck at and let us know how we can best serve you.

3101 Colusa Highway, Yuba City, California 95993, United States