1st and 2nd Samuel

A tale of the establishment of the monarchy the rise and fall of two sovereigns. No, we are not talking about England 🤣 We will be learning that no matter your standing in society the choice we have is to be a person-pleaser (sometimes you are that person) or a God-pleaser. What lessons will you find that encourage you and make a difference in your life?

Join us on Sundays at 9:00 am


Ever notice how the longer people study Scriptures, the deeper their insights into God seem to be… but the simpler it seems to be for them to explain these deeper truths? This is Paul’s clearest and most systematic presentation of the Good News in the Bible. It is simple really… ALL people EVERYwhere have FREE access to God’s GRACE. Jesus has made a way for LOST people to be restored to Him. It doesn’t matter how you got lost, where you come from or how smart you are… you are LOVED by God and HE wants YOU to be HIS CHILD!

Join us on Wednesdays at the church, or on Zoom at 10:15am!

Online Discipleship

Having trouble finding a small group to meet your schedule? Finding you could use a little community? Be part of a brand-new way of following Jesus as part of the online church. Together we will discuss how it will look and how we will grow. Let me know your thoughts!

Ready to follow Jesus with you, Pastor Lois

Online Discipleship Videos

Consuming Fire

Chosen 3

The Chosen3 will use historical fiction in the form of film to learn more about what the Bible really says and how the imagination of an artist can help us learn more about our life and our faith. Using discussion of Scripture and the film, we will discover opportunities to draw closer to Jesus!

Join us Wednesdays at 6pm!!