We believe in reaching out to those in our community and in distant places as God calls. 

Current Opportunities:

Caring for Our Older and AtRisk Population

We recognize there are many in our community that need assistance with prescription and necessity deliveries during the shelter in place for our older and at-risk population. If you are able to pay for your order ahead of time and you are in an at-risk population, contact our church office for possible assistance at 530-673-5858.

Back to School Blessings

Back to School Blessings

Thank you, Church! We were able to bless 17 kids with school supplies at Tierra Buena Elementary School.

Water Walk

  1. 844 million people live without clean water. 2.3 billion people do not have access to basic sanitation.
  2. Every 60 seconds a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease.
  3. Children miss 443 million days of school each year fetching water and fighting illness.

This year will be different than in the past AND let’s make it the best! Let’s challenge each other and those in our families to walk, walk, walk. How many miles can you walk in an hour?

  • Download a pedometer for your phone, if you don’t already have one
  • In the month of October, until October 25th: Ask friends and family to pledge a monetary amount per mile or an amount for your total miles walked
  • Order a Lifewater shirt from the church office and look good while you walk
  • Walk for one hour on October 25th, keep track of the miles and collect the donations
  • All received donations can be dropped off in the mail slot at the church
  • Checks payable to the church and we will mail in one donation from all of us. 

Life Water Facts provided by https://www.lifewater.org/water-crisis/

Other Ways We Bless Our Community and Our World:


We enjoy blessing our community with our annual Country Fair where all games and food are completely free.

We provide various items throughout the year for those in need at CASA.

We assist our local community families with provisions for Back to School supplies.

We provide travel food for those in need; create lunches for the homeless, and offer prayers and spiritual support to many community organizations.

Beyond our Local Area

We have supported Habitat for Humanity, Heffer International, Iran Alive, Samaritan’s Purse, and many organizations that assist with showing God’s love.

We financially support and participate with organizations to bring clean water to third world areas that don’t have access to clean water and fresh water wells.

Annually we host Rise Against Hunger and invite community organizations to participate with us.

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