Upcoming Sermon Topics


3/29 Making the Commission Great Again: God’s Serious

Who do you count as family?  It may be beyond the normal definition of parents and 2.5 children.  Maybe there is a special aunt or uncle.  Maybe there is a grandparent or more that you think of as close family.  Maybe there is a friend that has been there through thick and thin.  When we invite people to invite people into a family room, we have seen all of these and more.  We consider those who are close in relationship and by blood.
This week we will invite you to think about a larger family relationship.  How close is your relationship with God?  Your forever family is joined by a close relationship and the blood of Jesus. You are welcome in the family.
For background read, Matthew 28:19

4/5 Making the Commission Great Again: God’s Serious

The small piece of Scripture for this week is incredibly powerful. It tells us what to do and commands us to listen.  Jesus, in His final words to His disciples, has instructed with clarity. Those who call themselves followers of Jesus must teach “them” to “obey” everything I (Jesus) have commanded you. This is language we can’t avoid and it determines whether we are just "listeners and readers" of the word or "doers" of the word. Come celebrate Palm Sunday. Let us worship together as we prepare for Holy Week and all Christ has done for us.
For Background read: Matthew 28:20a

4/9 Maundy Thursday

Celebrate Passover as a part of Jesus’s inner circle, and appreciate their last moments together

4/10 Good Friday

Honor Jesus’ sacrifice through the sounds of the crucifixion

4/12 Making the Commission Great Again: He is Risen and With Us!

In every life, we are faced with difficulties.  Some of them seem overwhelming and insurmountable.  Easter is about victory; surmounting the insurmountable!  If you have ever wondered about Jesus having power in your life, today is for you!

He is risen.

He is risen, indeed!

Let Him rise in you this week,

 For Background read: Matthew 28:20b

4/19 A Canoe, A Boat and a Helicopter

We are taught early in life if something appears too good to be true, it probably is (too good to be true). For some people, the idea that God reaches down from heaven and comes as a man to save us is too good to be true. And yet, we are all here because we believe it to be true. Our Father in heaven, the one we praise, the one we pray to, extended His hand to each one of us. This week we come together to praise God and explore how God reaches us all. For background reading, I invite you to look at 2 Samuel 22:17-20.
For Background read: 2 Samuel 22:17-20

4/26 Where is God When It Hurts?

We all question in the tough times, where is God now or why would He allow this to happen? 

Even when bad things happen...

God is right

God is faithful

God is available

Come find hope in all circumstances!

For Background read: Psalm 145:13-21