Upcoming Sermon Topics


11/10, The Living Hope

God has placed all of us in a position of leadership, if not in our workplaces or churches, then certainly in our homes. There have been times when we don’t exemplify the qualities of a Godly leader. We need to constantly refer to the best resource that we know of. The resource that is the most effective and most trustworthy. As an added bonus, this resource is free and available in hardbound, soft bound, audio and  even on your phone. You guessed it, it’s the Bible. Join us on Sunday morning when we dig a little deeper and talk about your leadership position and leading as God intends.  

For background, read Proverbs 16: 1-8; 13; 16; and 18.

11/24, Easy Work

 We often hear how difficult it is for us to do what God asks.  In saying that, we often forget that God specifically created, gifted and designed us for the work He called us to do.  Maybe part of our difficulty comes from trying to do things we were never called, gifted or designed to do.  This week we will look at easy work and how it can also be godly.

For background read,  Ecclesiastes 9:8-10  9:8- 10