Upcoming Sermon Topics


11/24, Easy Work

 We often hear how difficult it is for us to do what God asks.  In saying that, we often forget that God specifically created, gifted and designed us for the work He called us to do.  Maybe part of our difficulty comes from trying to do things we were never called, gifted or designed to do.  This week we will look at easy work and how it can also be godly.

For background read,  Ecclesiastes 9:8-10  9:8- 10

12 01, What About Me?

We love the idea of baby Jesus because he's new and unscathed, just like a shiny new toy. But all parents know that He was a real baby - He had diapers that needed changing, He cried when He was hungry. Everyone loves Christmas because it's the time for seeking out joy. But where do we seek this joy?  Is it a shiny new present or is serving, rolling our sleeves up, and getting a little messy.

For background, read Matthew 20:20-28.

12 08, Now? But...You Don't Know Me?

Trying to present the perfect facade can be stressful. Christmas often brings pressure to be happy, perfect and joyous...what about those who don't feel that extra joy?  Who has God put in their live so that they can experience God's joy.  Remember God does not call the qualified.  He qualifies the called.

For background, read 1 Kings 19:1-10.

12 15, Now? But...I am too busy

Meeting expectations and not wanting to let anyone down makes it hard to say no to anyone, especially during the holiday. But what is God hoping you would do? God works in the margins of your life. If you have no room in your budget, you can't give when the offering plate gets passed around. If you have no room in the calendar, you can't stop and pray for your friend in their time of need.

For background, read Luke 10:38-42

12 22, Now? But...I just can't

During the holidays, God surrounds us with people who are extra growth opportunities, because they are stressed with preparations, irritated by others, or hurt from past years.  What role is He asking you to partake in so that they can experience His joy?  Are you willing to step up?

For background, read Luke 2:8-15

12 24, Now? But....No More Excuses

Start your Christmas with Music and Drama celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Service will include the lighting of candles and will start at 7pm.

For background, read Luke 2:1-20

12 29, Promises, Promises

How would you like 2020 to be better than 2019? One tradition shared by our society as a whole is making New Year’s resolutions.  What do we do so that all of these grand plans in January, are still in effect in March, or even thought of in June? and how do we comfort ourselves when we do not see our desired outcomes come December?

For background, read Psalm 18: 1-6 & 46