One Week Only Snippet: Living Into Your Dream

This group will explore ways to help you identify and achieve your unfulfilled dreams. Have you wanted to learn something new or make something happen in your life but were just too busy? If so, now may be the time to make it happen! The Pandemic, as terrible as it is, provides us with an opportunity to do some things we were never had time to do before.

  • ➢Identifying Your Dreams
  • ➢Clarifying Your Dreams
  • ➢Barriers to Achieving Your Dreams
  • ➢Writing
    • o Write a Book
    • o Start a Journal
    • o Start a Blog
  • ➢Learning a Language
  • ➢Learning a Musical Instrument
  • ➢Painting
  • ➢Crafting
  • ➢Teaching
  • ➢Helping Others

Join us as we explore ways to live into our dreams. Bring your ideas, questions and dreams as we explore this topic. No materials are needed.

Monday, September 28th 6 pm