The 13 weeks of Journey 3 will focus on the following topics as you continue your discipleship journey:

1. Immersed in the Word
2. Connected Through Prayer
3. Living in Community
4. Spirit-Filled Life
5. Serving His Kingdom
6. Spreading the Good News
7. Christ Came to Us
8. Christ Came with a Mission
9. Christ Came to Die
10. We Die with Christ
11. We Go with Christ
12. We Go Together with Christ
13. Reflect and Connect

The office has a couple of used workbooks available for purchase. The workbook is also available as an E-book from Lifeway. Call the office, 530-673-5858, to order one of the used books.

Join us starting August 2nd at 6 pm via zoom as we continue learning how to be God’s disciples.

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