Merry Christmas Caroling!
We have been working on all sorts of things that will help us be together for the holidays.

By now, you should have received some cinnamon sticks so your home will have a holiday smell that reminds you of our love for you. Look forward to this Advent for other special ways we will be blessing you.

We want to have a special gift to give to everyone from us as a church family. Let’s go virtually caroling together! We are asking you to sing and share with us so we can all share the compilation of us singing together on Sunday, December 20th with all our viewing audience.

But I am already on there you say? Yes, but people won’t see you. We would love to have you join, just as if you weren’t originally included, even if you are already singing on the video. “But, I never sing!” to that we say, “This can be your debut!”

Our goal is to have as many participants as possible.

We need your help to make it awesome. We are asking that you sing with the guide track while recording yourself on your camera (cell phone cameras are awesome.) Everything you need to know to record an awesome video and get it back to us is in the button links below.

We are very blessed to have Larry volunteer to spend countless hours making this an amazing gift. Because it is such a momentous undertaking, we need to have your video to us before 5 PM December 13th.

Thank you in advance for this gift of your time and talents to help us make this Christmas season blessed and wonderful for your families, our church family, and friends.

May God bless you with a song in your heart,
Pastor Lois and Pastor Julie