When we realized it was going to be hard to get together in person for a while, we started collecting flat versions of ourselves that could go places together so we could virtually share experiences.

The latest picture of who we are in our “flat” version

Our first experience of doing something together while we were apart was during Lent 2020 (That just means a time of preparation before Easter.) Feel free to drop in on us being together in our flat version, at a time we so desperately wanted to be together in person.

The flat congregation celebrating the completion of their Lenten preparations

We have been several places since this. The most recent was in our sanctuary while we worship offsite, so everybody (at least our flat versions) got to be in the sanctuary for worship. If you look closely, you can see Pastor Julie on the steps with the Flat Congregation and Pastor Lois behind the camera.

The flat congregation preparing for worship at the altar rail

Remember the latest picture at the top with many of us and the video with so few? Just look at how we have grown! But we don’t have everyone yet. And having us all together would mean the world to us. Whether you live locally, nationally or globally, we want to have you “travel” with us, too!


Not sure where to start? We found some templates for you! (Thank you Google!) There isn’t a right or wrong way of being “flat.” Share your passions and creativity for us all to have the best experience as we journey on this great adventure together!

Not sure how to get it to us? You can either email it or mail it to the church. For where to send it check our our Contact Us page.

Have more questions? Just drop us your question on that same Contact Us page and we will do our “flat” best to help!