What happens when we open as a model/pilot church

No, we don’t know what yours are, but these are our best guesses 😉

What are we doing?

  • This is just the beginning of changes.  Right now, we have permission for a limited opening
  • Permission to enter the building comes with some extremely strict protocols to assure we do no harm, do good and stay in connection with God
    • If for any reason you feel you cannot meet these protocols
      • remember, we are not viewing this as a spiritual test
      • we invite you to continue worshiping online and join us for all other gatherings and discipleship online until we can fully open
    • It is possible that even after reopening, circumstances could change, and we could be asked to close the building again.
      • Please help keep everyone safe

Who are these Conference people and why are they here?

  • We have been given the honor of testing protocols so other churches can open
  • Conference officers will be here to learn from our experience to help other churches receive the benefit of what we are learning to keep people safe

How will my experience be different?

  • When you arrive, you will park in every other space as marked off by traffic cones
    • Please park only in the East lot (closest to the stoplight)
  • The building will only be open on Sundays with one contemporary service at 11 am with a limit of 100 in attendance
    • Take your temperature at home before coming
      • please stay home any time you or someone in your household is ill or shows any symptoms and watch us online
    • Bring your own Bible or use YouVersion on your device as there won’t be any in the seat pockets
      • don’t share your device with anyone, not in your household
    • You will see signs as you enter with social distancing and continued social distancing throughout
    • Masks required (we will provide for those that do not have them)
    • Gloves are provided
    • Sanitizer is available throughout the building for your liberal use
    • Bathrooms by the offices and in the fellowship hall area are available for hand washing
    • Tithes and offerings will not be taken in passed plates.
      • alternative giving methods will be used such as giving online, mailing your check, dropping your offering in the mail slot in the door, or placing it in the Taiwanese offering basket at the back door.
    • Gathering will not include physical contact
      • Virtual hugs are one way of loving our church family (If you have other ways, please share them with the pastors)
    • No food or drinks will be allowed in the building
      • We invite you to leave your personal drinks in your vehicle
    • Water fountains will be off and there will be no hospitality table
    • The red cloth seats have been replaced with white folding chairs placed at appropriate social distancing between people and family groups as you are seated by an usher
    • Please do not move the seats.  If you need a seat moved for any reason, please ask an usher for assistance
    • No congregating or touching 
    • No congregational singing [humming behind a mask is allowed]; energetic hand clapping and gestures are encouraged
    • Worship Team will sing from a greater distance and with masks
    • The pastors will preach from the chancel close to the altar and that will be the only time they are unmasked (with approval from all the authorities over us.)
    • Pastors will not be at the back door
      • We will be limited in our time in the building
      • We cannot linger or congregate
  • Bathrooms are for single use only (except for small children with their parent)
    • Close the door when you enter 
    • Leave door open when you leave with a wooden stopper

So what about other meetings?

  • Sunday Bible Study will still be on ZOOM but moved to 9 am so you have time afterward to make it to worship should you so desire
    • Traditional service will be online, but time moved to 6 PM 
      • This gives Larry time to create the Traditional service using the same sermon from the 11 AM service so we keep a common worship experience for the whole church.
    • Children and youth will sit with and worship with their families
      • First Kids will continue online and is available after noon each Sunday
      • Youth  continue to be invited to online events
    • Small Groups
      • Continue to be online

Ok, but we do much more than that, what happens to those things?

  • Communion will happen with individual communion packets. 
    • If you are choosing to worship online, communion will still be given to you each month if requested
  • Baptisms will be celebrated in our hearts, but the physical act is something we will look forward to as we move to less restrictive protocols
  • Funerals and weddings (with social distancing and attendance limits) will be allowed
  • Other uses of the building will be postponed. 
    • Anything deemed to be mission-critical will be considered on a case by case basis and permitted ONLY with leadership pre-approval [see Tim for all requests]
    • All agreed protocols must be met during the usage of the building
    • All sanitation must be completed according to protocols by those given permission to use the facility before they leave so the building is ready for the next usage
    • Everyone in attendance must be tracked and names given to April in case contact tracing becomes necessary
    • Time in the building is to be kept to the bare minimum
  • All other events will continue to happen online:
    • Committee Meetings

But I need April!  What do I do?

  • There will be limited office hours for April, Aimée and some volunteers
    • The office will not be open to visitors during those hours.  If you need to talk to one of them, you will need to make an appointment or call ahead
      • Please honor this even if you have a key
      • When you are in the office, the protocols will apply of social distance, masking, etc.
      • We are trying to keep them safe and we have some who are high risk
    • Appointments with the pastors will be done through phone or zoom calls. 
      • If in person appointments are needed, contact April

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