Family Night

February 11th at 6 pm

We will be talking about God’s love for us while playing some new games involving cookies and conversational hearts. Contact the church office to get a package of Oreos and a box of conversational hearts delivered.

Join us on February 11th at 6pm

Youth Sunday

January 17th

On Sunday, January 17th join us as Mindy brings us a message from the Youth.

WWJD or DYKJWETKWHWD What does the J stand for again?

First Kids

For your kids and the kids they know!

First Kids for ages 2-11 is currently offsite at the First Kids YouTube Channel. Your children will enjoy the interactive music and engagement with the Word of God that will stick with them the rest of their lives. Craft supplies for First Kids projects are available from the church office.

We welcome any questions you have. Please contact Pastor Julie, who would love to hear from you.

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