Family Night

This month we are talking about
your favorite pet.

Join us on July 8th at 4 pm

First Kids Worship

For your kids and the kids they know!

First Kids for ages 2-11 is currently offsite at the First Kids YouTube Channel. Your children will enjoy the interactive music and engagement with the Word of God that will stick with them the rest of their lives. Craft supplies for First Kids projects are available from the church office.

We welcome any questions you have. Please contact Pastor Julie, who would love to hear from you.

Kingdom Seekers VBS

Join us as we go on a wild journey filled with mysteries and riddles. We will explore the truths and wisdom of God’s Word in the Bible. We’ll be discussing the values of God’s Kingdom, The Messiah, God’s Justice, and how all humans are made in the Image of God. Along our journey, we will be learning about the amazing ways the books in the Bible come together to tell one united story that leads to Jesus.

Water Walk

July 11th at 10am

Walking/rocking with water for 2 kilometers while learning about how Lifewater creates sustainable access to clean water for a village.