Bible Reading

Life is busy.  Who has time to read the Bible?  It just seems like one more thing to do.  But it’s not.

Your Bible should be used as your “guide for life” because all of the answers you are searching for in life can be found in it. This means it is not just a “religious” text. In order to get the answers, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with what’s in it.  You do this by simply reading it.

Read in small chunks.  Start with about 15 minutes of reading per day.  Mark your place where you stopped so you can pick back up where you left off the next day. (The goal is consistency. Decide to read for the amount of time that you know you will be consistent.  It’s better to read 10 minutes every day than to read 2 hours in one sitting and not pick it back up for 3 weeks.)

Keep a Journal

Write down any thoughts, ideas, or questions that are important to you in the YouVersion Bible App as part of the Scripture. Or, use the Event feature on your phone app and it will take you to our service with a place for your own notes right along with the passage in the Bible. You can even share your thoughts with others right from the application!

Or do it old school! There are all sorts of ways to keep track of how God is working in your life. Any way you choose, it will give you a way to look back on and remember God’s past faithfulness which will increase your faith in difficult times. Those same recollections will encourage you and remind you to worship and praise God in the good times.

Learn from others

No matter how much we know about the Bible, we are told we need each other to learn how to understand God and God’s Word more deeply. We have lots of ways to do that. Here are a few to get you started…