Encouragement from Our Pastors

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Encouraging Words from Our People

Some encouraging words heard and seen around our congregation lately:

In Reference to the Conference Devotional

  • From one who attended our church in the past, “Thanks… This message touched me deeply today.”
  • From a colleague that now works with a seminary, “I would be remiss if I do not say how much I appreciated your message at the closing of our Annual Conference Session. Thank you so much for a beautiful message. I hope you, your family, and church community are well.”
  • From a teacher in our congregation, “This was by far the BEST devotional I have ever heard. It really spoke to me. I never knew the impact that the church split had on you or on our church. I can imagine it would be like a student-teacher suddenly finding out the teacher and all the parent helpers were leaving with their ‘good kids’ and she would be the new teacher for an unruly class…with half the resources. The scripture was perfect. And the presentation was so God-inspired. Thank you for linking it to my email.”
  • From a colleague who was responsible for all the devotionals, ”Great devotional. I hope all is [well] with you.”
  • From a District Superintendent, “Thanks for your devotion.”
  • From one of our faithful members, “Just saw the devotional for the Annual Conference. It was AWESOME and brought me to tears. Thank you so much.”
  • From a circuit colleague, “Our conference is blessed with your message! Thanks be to God.”
  • From another circuit colleague, “Wow! Good job! Were you waiting to surprise us about your closing devotional?”

If you missed the Conference devotional, you can still see it here.

  • From one enjoying the music, “My favorite church song to sing and dance to. Even wheelchair-bound!”
  • From one who had asked for prayer, “A couple of weeks ago the Bible study group offered prayers for [my husband], and his appointment to a Retinal doctor. The injections are usually painful, and he is not happy. However, this time when it was time to leave, he sat there in his chair waiting for the shot. I had to prompt him twice to come on. He had no pain! Prayers do work, thank you Lord, and thank you Bible study.” [Yes. prayer really does work! Thanks for the reminder.]
  • From one who watched a devotional about life being a mess, “This hits home so much thank you for reminding me!” [If you missed the devotional, you can still see it here.]
  • From one who sent a message about us to someone else, “I have been in touch with [one of the pastors. That pastor] has been so kind…I also started watching her sermons. I realized I could possibly order communion kits from her church, too. Her church is doing very well in adapting to virtual realities.”
  • From one connecting to us through social media, “I saw this verse [on the church site] in Philippians [2:11-18] yesterday. It reminded me deeply to change. If you guys can help me to pray that I will be a true woman in Christ for our children and families.” [Yes! We would LOVE to pray with you!]
  • From one of our more experienced members who helps us in so many ways, “Thank you for doing soooo much for our ⛪️, I think you are GREAT!” [It’s easy with encouragers like you!]
  • From one living their faith, “One of the other things is at one of the grocery stores. I help put carts back in their slots. It’s good exercise for me and helps one of the workers at the store who is older than I am. When I see him, he says, ‘you’re the lady that helps me.'”
  • From one finding comfort in our sermons, “I am so grateful for this sermon series and have found each message relevant and comforting. Thank you.”

I am sure you have heard and seen other encouraging things. Perhaps you have even been caught sharing some contagious enthusiasm with others? If you have a quote you think would help us live out Hebrews 3:13, just email it to Pastor Lois at pastorlois@fumcyubacity.com. Encourage on!

 Hebrews 3:13 “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” 

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