We are so glad you are interested in our Discipleship Program! We have created videos with you in mind to see why we do discipleship, how to understand each level, and how to explore next steps at each level.

Come back to these videos anytime you need a reminder, or just encouragement, in your journey to becoming even closer to Jesus.

Watch this for an Overview of the Discipleship Plan. Discipleship is a life long process and it is not a straight line. Don’t worry about trying to do everything at once. Pick the one thing you are ready to work on and get encouragement from where you are in that area below. You may find yourself at a different point in each line on the card. Just jump to how we can bless you for the one you are working on right now



Not even sure you want to follow Jesus yet? We get you. We have all been there. Join us for a no stress look at how to be with us just as you are.

Here is a look at Worship being a way we experience spiritual intimacy so we can enjoy God’s presence and God can encourage our spirits. Challenge: Worship intimately and experience God renewing and filling you!

Hospitality means caring for people in all kinds of practical areas of need. It also means that we let God serve through us so the least, last and lost all feel the love of Jesus from our hospitality. Challenge: We are all created in God’s image. Look for the image of God/spark of the divine in those in need and show them God’s love in a practical way.

You are called; you are chosen; you are loved. So what does it mean to be chosen? It means you weren’t drafted nor “volentold” into the family of God. You were chosen.

Obedience is not a word most of us look forward to, but Jesus promises if we love Him, He will bless us abundantly. Let’s listen to God and put Jesus first, last and always in our lives. Then we can learn to get comfortable in the Light!

So you aren’t all in, but you are willing to take a further look. This is a great place to begin.


Now, we continue our parable into the Beginning stages. You have decided to give it a try. Now what? Let’s see how we take our first steps in being followers of Jesus.

Worship allows us to give back to the God we love who has given us everything! Challenge: Offer your God everything you are this week.

Hospitality happens when you come from a place of love with a good attitude and then just do your job. Not the one you get paid to do, but the job appointed to you by God so that God’s love shows through you. Challenge: Create a list of all the normal “jobs” you do that no one seems to notice. Offer those jobs for God to use to love others through you.

We are blessed! Blessed with the encouragement we long for. Blessed with the challenge to reorder our priorities so God’s favor rests comfortably on us.

Obeying Jesus requires us to hear His voice and know it. You can only truly know the will of God when you choose to not have a will of your own outside of what God wants. So today we talk about giving up your will completely so you can follow and obey Jesus completely.

WOW! Deep breath. You took a huge step! Nice job. We are so excited to have you as a brother/sister in Christ! We are here to help. Let us know how we can bless you.


Growing always takes longer than we thought, but you never have to do it alone. Keep growing into the healthy spiritual being you were called, gifted and created to become.

Jesus says the day has now come for us to worship in Spirit and truth. That is the worship God seeks. Paul in Romans tells us how to worship with our lives. Challenge: 1. Worship God this week with your everyday, ordinary life, with service, not just in a service. Let God inspire you with music. 2. Share with us what you learned as you moved to the right in your worship from Exploring to Beginning; from Beginning to Growing; from Growing to Maturing or from Maturing to greater depths of worship. We’d love to hear from you!

Hospitality begins with remembering you have been an outsider and from that place of compassion, loving the outsiders as you love yourself. Then you are in a place to show gratitude in practical ways. Challenge: Be the first to be kind to someone that has not been accepted so they can see God’s love through you.

Three stories in Matthew 25 show us how to open ourselves to a deeper and richer spiritual life with Jesus Be prepared for Jesus at any time Invest in your Spiritual Life Live a life that is open to Jesus caring for others through you

We can get stumped on this line of the discipleship card in 2 ways. One is to try to bluff our way into believing we have enough without the next act of obedience. The other is to give up because it doesn’t seem possible to obey on a regular basis.

Take the next steps in your spiritual life as you grow closer to Jesus and become all that He called, gifted and created you to become.


You are to be honored for working your discipleship to this point. By now you have noticed that the closeness with God is its own reward. You have also probably noticed it isn’t a straight line. There is always more. As long as we live, God is always drawing us closer. Keep asking what’s next!

As you “move to the right” there are a couple of cautions about how not to do hospitality. Don’t be hospitable to be honored or repaid, but from a pure heart. Challenge: Do something for someone who can never pay you back…and then don’t tell anyone what you did for them.

OK, so when is it I am supposed to be hospitable?…. All the time, in every situation Where as I supposed to be hospitable?…. In every situation What if they aren’t nice people?…. God still wants to love them through you Challenge: Remembering everything you have belongs to Jesus, find a way to show hospitality to someone each day this week.

You have come so far, and you should celebrate. The good news is you haven’t finished. God works in us each day until we enter eternity, and then we celebrate as we grow closer in our relationship forever.