All of us are on a spiritual journey and it is a growth that continues throughout our lives. Our desire is to grow in each of the areas listed so our lives become more and more like Jesus. We call that “moving to the right.” There isn’t a right or wrong place to be on the card, just honestly share where you are at any given moment. Even when you reach the far-right hand side, you will realize there is so much more to continue to move to the right.

You can assess your spiritual growth in each of the areas on the discipleship card so you can see when you move from one level to another. Read the answers for each colored line. Choose the column that most closely resembles where you are on your journey [Exploring, Beginning, Growing Maturing]. Then you are ready to notice how God is working in your life to grow you to be the man or woman of God you were called, gifted, and created to be!

We invite you to take a moment and share your choices with us so the pastors can pray with you as you grow. It just takes a minute to share your answers. To get started just complete the form below.

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You can also start right now!

  • Check out our Connect [on your phone] or On Realm (on your computer) for steps to help you as you are maturing in Jesus and “moving to the right”.
  • On either Connect or On Realm, use the search feature to find suggested ideas for your next steps.  Just search on the name of the column and key words from the row name on the card.  There you will find pastor approved ideas for your personal spiritual growth in that particular area.
  • Do it again!  It’s fun