Discipleship Plan

We are so glad you are interested in our Discipleship program and have created videos with you in mind to see why we do discipleship, how to understand each level and what how to explore next steps at each level.

Come back to these videos anytime you need a reminder or just encouragement in your journey to becoming even closer to Jesus.

Watch this for an Overview of the Discipleship Plan (and why we used dogs. Hint: we love them and God loves us.)

Discipleship is a life long process and it is not a straight line. Don’t worry about trying to do everything at once. Pick the one thing you are ready to work on and get encouragement from where you are in that area below.

You may find yourself at a different point in each line on the card. Just jump to how we can bless you for the one you are working on right now


Not even sure you want to follow Jesus yet? We get you. We have all been there. Join us for a no stress look at how to be with us just as you are.


Now, we continue our parable into the Beginning stages. You have decided to give it a try. Now what? Let’s see how we take our first steps in being followers of Jesus.


Growing always takes longer than we thought, but you never have to do it alone. Keep growing into the healthy spiritual being you were called, gifted and created to become.


You are to be honored for working your discipleship to this point. By now you have noticed that the closeness with God is its own reward. You have also probably noticed it isn’t a straight line. There is always more. As long as we live, God is always drawing us closer. Keep asking what’s next!