We have heard your voice and your request for a small group through ZOOM. This class was the first-ever First United Methodist Church, Yuba City small group online!!! Invite your friends and order your books from the office.

Here are the details: 

1. “Connected” by Thom Rainer:  This is a study of Ephesians and why we need the church body. It is an easy read and is scheduled for 6-8 weeks. You will need approx $6 in materials.  
2. How to order books: Contact April at the office at 530-673-5858. Leave a message with your name and how many books you want. They are approx $6 per book. We have 3-4 in stock so first to get to it, will have them in hand quickly.  
3. How to participate: There are two ways to participate. If you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet (including a Kindle) download “ZOOM”. On May 11th at 6 p.m. click on the link at the bottom of this message and it will take you automatically to the group. If you don’t have the ability to join by video, don’t be discouraged. You can call in with the phone info at the bottom of this message, enter the meeting ID number please the “#” sign and you will be entered into the meeting.

An excerpt from the introduction to the study.
“Unfortunately, most Christians have developed a faulty view of what it means to be a  church member. Many of us talk about our church in terms of what we get out of it. This consumer mentality focuses on the perks we gain from the church, which makes church membership sound more like club membership.

In reality, being part of the body of Christ means so much more.

The Book of Ephesians helps us see the true benefits that come from our connections to Christ and His Church. Within this study, we’ll discover six ways that church members are connected: connected in Christ, connected in unity, connected in growth, connected through words, connected in service, and connected through prayer.

During this study, you’ll discover that, through Christ, we are all truly connected in a way that lasts not just for a lifetime, but for all eternity.”

Contact Pastor Julie for next dates