Prayer is very important at our church.  Our Pastors and Intercessors welcome the opportunity to include your requests in their prayers. 

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program of our congregation that equips lay persons to provide one-to-one care to those who are experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances.  These needs include but are not limited to ….

  • the hospitalized
  • the terminally ill and their families
  • those grieving a death
  • those with life changes such as birth, marriage, divorce, family difficulties, transfers, family member imprisonment

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Circuit Riders

In both Acts 6 and Exodus 18, we are given God’s plan for caring for large numbers of people in the community of faith.  When we delegate those responsibilities to just one, or a small staff, we are shown that those who are most vulnerable are most apt to be overlooked in daily life.  We desire above all else to bring God glory in all we do.  To that end, we are joining together to care for others so our leaders can commit their time to prayer and the study of Scripture.  In short, we want to encourage each of us, from our leaders to the newest visitor to grow in their own personal relationship with Christ so that we as a church can consistently grow spiritually. 

Journey Through Grief

We know the loss of a loved one causes a great deal of grief and there are many stages. We have a series of books that may help you and your loved ones as you go through the first year of your grief journey. 

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