Choir Director

Hello. My name is Alice Epler. I wear a couple of hats here at the church. The first one is that of Choir Director. I have been truly blessed over the past 6 years of service through this position. As choir director not only do I direct the choir, but I choose all the music throughout the year; using my educational background as a private music teacher I also build on the skills of the choir through teaching and raising their skill levels in musicianship, blending their voices, reading music, developing their ears to better sing harmony; and work with members one on one for specialized help. And secondly, I coordinate the music for the Traditional service. This involves making sure that the hymns, introits, choir anthems, and special music work in tandem to support the pastor’s sermons each week. And thirdly, I maintain a working music library. I make sure the library is functioning to include new and updated music for general services as well as special times of the year (seasonal anthems and cantatas.)