So what is a Circuit Rider and why do I have one?

In both Exodus 18 and Acts 6 we are given God’s plan for caring for large numbers of people in the community of faith.  When we delegate those responsibilities to just one, or a small staff, we are shown that those who are most vulnerable are most apt to be overlooked in daily life.  We desire above all else to bring God glory in all we do.  To that end, we have joined together to care for others so our leaders can commit their time to prayer and the study of Scripture.  In short, we want to encourage each of us, from our leaders to the newest visitor to grow in their own personal relationship with Christ so that we as a church can consistently grow spiritually.  We believe that as we are faithful to serve others God’s way, He will be able to trust us with more of His most precious asset; His people. 

Where did the name Circuit Rider come from?

In keeping with our tradition, Circuit Riders were the ones who blazed the trail of Methodism across the nation.  They brought Wesley class meetings which developed into churches across the nation so quickly that at one point, there were more Methodist churches in the United States than Post Offices.  We want to bring that level of contact and caring into our church family.  We want our Circuit Riders to be as welcome a sight as a letter from home.  In the homes of the frontier, there would be a flame on the hearth during the day and the coals would be stoked at night to keep the embers glowing warmly.  Our Circuit Riders will not only be blazing the trail for the church but fanning the flame of the Holy Spirit in each of us so that no (m)ember is out by itself growing cold.  Each (m)ember will be surrounded by others keeping the flame of faith glowing brightly and caring for the least of those in the Kingdom of God as we care for ourselves.  As we do this, our church will be in a position where God can bless us as we care for those He has already entrusted to our care.

What exactly does a Circuit Rider do and how do I become a Circuit Rider?

Each Circuit Rider contacts about six families a week, either by seeing them in service, calling or sending notes. They then forward this information back to the church office each week so it can be given to the pastors. This is one of the ways the pastors know the needs of the people to lift up in prayer and are able share in the praise of those prayers being answered. 
The pastors also can help follow up with other needs that the Circuit Rider has identified.  In this way we can care for more people that just the pastors can track and no one in need will “slip through the cracks”.  To become a Circuit Rider simply fill in the form below.  You can volunteer to be a substitute when one of our Circuit Riders is out of town, on vacation or ill.  You can also volunteer to be one of our regular Circuit Riders!