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Exceptional Performer Award
Our very own Larry Badger is the recipient of February's Exceptional Performer Award by the Appeal-Democrat.  The Appeal-Democrat said these kind words about his work as their visuals editor, "...that title doesn't begin to detail all of his responsibilities, which includes creating daily maps and graphics, coordinating Saturday's Faith and Family section, overseeing the US profiles and making sure they follow page-design guidelines.  Most recently, Larry worked exceptionally hard to design and implement new formats in the newspapers, including the return of local coverage to the C1 section front.
A longtime newsroom veteran, Larry also provides invaluable institutional knowledge about the Mid-Valley area, which is crucial for our new coverage decisions."

US Profiles
Presented by the local newspaper Appeal-Democrat so readers can get to know the people around us. 
Individuals in our church who have been featured in these articles include:

Florence Pond - October 15, 2008

Volunteer of the Week
Presented by the Appeal-Democrat  in its Monday edition giving a short biography of an individual, highlighting the volunteer work they do in the community.  Individuals in our church who have been featured in these articles include:

Margot Whiteaker - June 17, 2007

Faith Profiles
Presented by the Appeal-Democrat  in its Saturday edition giving a short biography of an individual in our community, highlighting the importance of faith in their life and how they live out their faith.  Individuals in our church who have been featured in these profiles include:

Bill Agee - August 1, 2008

Hank Barkholz - May 2, 2008

Betty Nichols - April 18, 2008

Mary Jane Cook - January 6, 2007

Carol Keesling
- November 25, 2006

Tim Meeker
- August 5th, 2006

Carl Adams - The article on Carl appeared on June 17, 2006 (no link available). Carl did a wonderful job of describing not only the importance of his faith but also how he lived out his faith. He gives praise to God for creating him as a wondrously structured miracle and for giving him perspective on the priorities of life.
He also quotes James 2:20, “Faith without works is dead.”, to explain that not only are we to recognize the talents and abilities we have and that they came from our creator, but also that we are to use those gifts to improve the lives of all that He surrounds us with. He further explains that we do our best when we do the things that utilize these talents and not only that but we are our happiest when doing things that we like. Carl contributes all his joy, happiness and success to following God’s plan.

Miscellaneous News Articles

Lynn Johnston was interviewed about being a stay at home Mom on August 12th.

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