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As the first of five pillars being emphasized in our church, Discipleship emphasis started on January 1st 2000 at approximately 12:15 a.m. as a part of our New Year's Eve service and dedication for the year 2000.

The goal for the first six months was to identify small groups in our church and find out what they were doing in this area.  Initially there were many groups identified and they furnished us with people in the group and some of their needs.

Due to a time of change, new ideas and concerns have arisen.  There is a need to identify individuals who are solid in their faith to be disciplers in the coming year. We will be arranging a Disciple 101 class and invite those who would share in this ministry to come share with us.

With Evangelism being the next pillar, there is an urgency to be ready when the New Year comes.  Our goal is to bring souls to Christ as we come to his throne of grace.  This means bringing babes in Christ along the path to maturity as a fellow brother/sister in Christ.

Bruce Joyner

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