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First United Methodist Church
Yuba City History

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Yuba City was organized in 1850 as part of the Feather River Circuit by Rev. Isaac Owens, Presiding Elder. This was the first circuit organized in Northern California. They met in private homes until the group grew too large. At this point, meetings were held in available rooms in hotels in Yuba City. The group continued to grow rapidly, and soon larger space had to be found. The Courthouse was used as a meeting place until 1872, when a church building was erected on Yolo Street in Yuba City.
The Methodist Episcopal Church South was organized in Yuba City in 1854. There is no record of their meeting place in the early years. In 1874 they built a church at the corner of Second and C Streets.

In 1925 a Methodist Episcopal congregation built another church on Forbes Avenue in Yuba City.

In 1939 these three congregations were united in a union of the Methodist Episcopal Churches, the Methodist Episcopal South, and the Methodist Protestant Churches. They continued to meet in the building on Second and C Streets, Yuba City, until 1950 when they built new facilities and moved to 627 B Street, Yuba City.

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