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Fundraising Opportunities

Church Identity Products
Church identity products such as t-shirts, water bottles, shopping bags, and Shirt Transfers are available in our Resource Center. 

(located in the Narthex) 

Vehicle Donation Program
Unwanted Vehicle? Donít Trade In! Donate to us.
- Itís Easy
- Itís Tax Deductible
- It can be worth more to you than the dealer offers in trade in
You can donate anything!  Cars, trucks, airplanes, boats - any vehicle can be donated
Click here for more info

Scrip is an easy way to help reduce our Church Bonds.
Merchants accept it just like cash or gift certificates.
Christy Powell is available in the Narthex for you purchase or see a complete list of what is available.

Reduce pollution ● Raise funds One cartridge at a time ...You Can Help!
Next time when you have an empty cartridge, don'tí throw it away. Put it in a bag and bring it with you to church.
We have a special recycle box in the Narthex. The church will be paid up to $4.00 for each cartridge with a print head.

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