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Outreach Opportunities 

Back to School Celebration and Blessing
During our JOY Sunday on August 5th, we will be blessing participants with school supplies and need your help with the following items:
Backpacks • 3 Ring Binders • Tabbed Dividers • Composition Notebooks • Spiral Notebooks •Loose Leaf Paper • Graph Paper • 3x5 index cards • 12” Rulers • Safety Scissors • Scissors • Large Pink Erasers • Pocket Folders • Glue Sticks • #2 pencils • Pens • Highlighters • Colored Pencils • Crayons • Washable Markers • Dry Erase Markers • Boxes of Tissues • Hand Sanitizers • Protractors • Compasses • Scientific Calculators • Post-it Notes • Flash Drives

Bagged Meals
TEAM will be making and distributing bagged lunches on the last Wednesday of each month from 1-3 p.m. As always, please let John Fero know how many lunches you would like to hand out prior to the dates for making them. Let’s shoot for 60 lunches or more each month!

Weekly Monday BBQ's
There are four ways you can help with this outreach opportunity...

DONATE - we are in need of the following each week to offer our guests: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Buns, Chips, Condiments, and Paper Items

VOLUNTEER - Help is needed for set up at 11am and serving guests at 12pm starting May 7th

INVITE - There are cards to distribute to your circle of influence at the church and later this month there will FB events to use to invite your friends (Here is a link on how to be notified of the post and how to invite your friends on Facebook - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2VybGEETVNTMHZFdkVLeDBnODQ)

PROMOTE - There are posters at the church that can be hung at local businesses and posts on Facebook later this month to share. (Here is a link on how to be notified of the post and how to share it - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2VybGEETVNTMHZFdkVLeDBnODQ)

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