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Good Shepherd Nursery School


9 am—11:30 am
Monday thru Thursday





Tuition Rates
Please contact Florence Pond at 673-5858


Ages Served
3, 4, and 5 year olds


The purpose of this nursery school is to provide learning experiences for preschoolers which emphasize:

*Spiritual Growth * Discovery * Social Growth * Increase in Physical Growth * Development of Self Confidence * Language Development *

We believe that:Jesus Christ  needs to be the center of the home. Home is the center of the child’s world. Children are unique individuals. A healthy sense of self-worth is vital to all children.  Children learn through their all senses and through their play.  Children learn from mistakes as well as successes.

We will provide opportunities to develop your child’s self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-control. This in turn will give your child an opportunity to develop his/her interests and an appreciation of others, which contributes to happiness and security.


Enroll early – classes fill fast!  Class size is limited.


Florence Pond, Director


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Good Shepherd Staff
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